SGG GLASSNOTE, a state-of-the-art product from Saint-Gobain’s Inspire, is poised to redefine the way meetings and presentations will be held. This premium writing board lends sophistication and class to offices, classrooms. meeting rooms and more. The product dramatically improves experience of writing; a premium high-durability lacquered glass serves as the writing surface. The glass is mounted on frames and comes with built-in, easy-to-fix-mechanism, that enables easy installation and safety.

Make an impressionwithout leaving impressions

Crafted from premium lacquered glass, new-generation SGG GLASSNOTE is the perfect writing board solution for your sophisticated interiors. Be it a well-appointed boardroom, busy conference room or a tony study at home, SGG GLASSNOTE'S glossy finish complements your décor flawlessly. Write, erase and rewrite as many times as you like as you express ideas or fine-tune them. If you need to project visuals, just pull down the add-on projector module for a clear, enjoyable viewing experience.


  • No Ghosting

  • Compatibility

  • One-stroke wipe

  • Innovative design

  • Stain-free

  • Long life

  • Scratch-proof

  • Modularity

  • Accessory holder

  • Easy installation

  • Hygienic

  • Weather-proof

  • Smooth writing surface

  • Portability

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